राज्य स्थापना दिवस के अवसर पर 45 करोड़ परिसंपत्ति का वितरण, बिरसा मुंडा की प्रतिमा पर हुआ माल्यार्पण

राज्य स्थापना दिवस के अवसर पर 45 करोड़ परिसंपत्ति का वितरण, बिरसा मुंडा की प्रतिमा पर हुआ माल्यार्पण

On the occasion of the 23rd establishment day of the state, a property distribution program was organized at the Bokaro Club in Sector 05 by the district administration on Wednesday. Chief guest Minister Baby Devi, along with Dumri MLA, inaugurated the program. Property worth 45 crores was distributed under various schemes. Minister Baby Devi said that the Hemant Soren government is preparing plans keeping every section in mind. Continuous monitoring is being done to ensure that the common people benefit from these plans.

Yogendra Prasad Mahato, a member of the State Coordination Committee, said that the Hemant Soren government is working towards strengthening every sector. The government is focusing on economic strengthening of the youth. He added that the opposition has only done politics with Jharkhand till now. The current Hemant Soren government is working for the development of the people.

Bermo MLA Kumar Jaymangal, also known as Anup Singh, congratulated and said that every section is happy during the tenure of Hemant Soren’s government. The promises made by the Hemant Soren government are being fulfilled. Steps are being taken to provide employment and empowerment to the youth, as well as support various programs for women’s empowerment. Connectivity is being improved from villages to cities.

Deputy Commissioner Kuldeep Chaudhary mentioned that the state government has distributed property among the beneficiaries of various schemes. He also mentioned that the officials will work hard to implement all the plans announced by the Chief Minister. Prior to this, the officials dedicated a new statue of Birsa Munda. DDC KirtiShri Jay, SP Priyadarshi Alok, Chas SDO Dilip Pratap Singh Shekhawat, Mantu Yadav, and others were present at the event.

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